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Mitch Buyson

 Powerlifting, side hobbies, & cultivating courage through practice and visualization

“Success is when my values, habits and results are all aligned, and once you reach that point then there is going to be a new set of challenges; so success is always going to be a moving target.”

Defining Success

3 page worksheet to help you align your values, actions and results

Show Notes

Mitch is a Canadian-born accountant, powerlifter, food photographer, home cook, and member of the Lift4life organization. Donate to Lift4Life
Instagra:  @buysonstr    @mbuyson
– taking cold showers to start the day out right
– Bungee jumping off the Macao tower – Importance of traveling: finding a newer version of yourself. – Defining courage: persevering and becoming the best version of yourself
– defining success and values
– self limiting beliefs
–  how Mitch taught himself to learn new skills – photography, cooking, food photography

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