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Jamila Owens

Trailblazer, Wanderer, Powerlifter: Traveling and Training Across South America

“I like to walk without a destination in mind. To just walk and think, and while traveling to make time to experience where I am.. and create time to just wander .”

Show Notes

Jamila Owens shares how she stumbled across powerlifting through a personal trainer, and why she is currently traveling around South America. In this episode you’ll hear more about:
– Upcoming trip to Zimbabwe on a powerlifting outreach trip with world record holder Kimberly Walford
– what she likes about competing and the sense of community she found at her home gym 
– managing to train while traveling
– how she wants to leave an impact through daily positive interactions
– what self care looks like to her
– thoughts on mentors and role models
35:00  focusing on the day to day: “I want to be the type of person that people feel some type of positive energy through interactions and hopefully that adds up to something meaningful over time.”
37:00 On actively not choosing a mentor and role model – “People are people.. and I prefer to see communities and a variety of things that inspire me and to go my own path”
38:00 On people who inspire her: “I like people who stick to their word, who are have selfless actions, and try to help everyone around them, and practice self care”
39:00 “Self care to me looks like exactly where I am at now: In a room by myself… prioritizing quiet versus the most fun place to be”

Instagram @jamilaemani and @thetravellingpowerlifter
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