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Linsi Broom

Fitness and Mental Health: Dealing with Anxiety Through Running and Yoga

“After I ran that race I kept thinking in the back of my mind… if I can do this, what else can do… and that question just wouldn’t leave me alone. ”

Show Notes

Linsi Broom is a public health advocate, endurance runner, and yoga practitioner, with a background in counseling and conflict resolution. Today we’ll be talking about fitness, mental health and the type of mindset it takes to run 70 miles.
Linsi’s website:

5:27 working in Colorado as a crisis counselor
7:00 why is being a good person important to Linsi
9:00 yoga for vets with PTSD, importance of language when teaching yoga
17:33  “My experience is not someone else’s experience”
27: Introduction into trail running: “I didn’t know people ran in the woods”
30:00 on running a 50 mile run – ultra running is learning to run when you are in pain
34:00 learning and understanding self talk – working through limiting beliefs of “i’m not good enough”
42:30 what you learn through living in multiple places
48:00 getting a career coach

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Fitness and Mental Health: Dealing with Anxiety Through Running and Yoga