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Kayla Chey

A Journey Through Divorce: Re-Connecting to the Soul Through Tahitian Dancing

“When i first saw Tahitian Dancing.. i just knew. No words can describe it, i just knew that was what i was going to do and that was it. It was like a connection to my soul.”

Show Notes

This week i spoke with Kayla, and her winding rode of falling in love with Tahitian dancing and writing at a young age and being a competitive dancer, then re-discovering her passions and her voice through her divorce. A theme in all of these interviews has been one of tackling negative self talk and self doubt, and going after things even when you are scared. Kayla shares her insights into how she managed those emotions and pursed her projects and passions despite it.  
– Life of a competitive dancer
- passion for writing

- re-discovering herself, her voice, and her passions through divorce

- why teaching culture and history is an important aspect in her classes
Facebook Page: The Traveling Tahitian Dancer
Instagram: @kaylaanchetachey


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